Care Instructions

Fernando here, CEO at PATOS. If you're anything like me, your canvas sneakers probably get pretty dirty. Luckily, they can be machine-washed.

(Don't machine wash leather PATOS.)

I made extra-detailed instructions below so that you can get the best wash for your canvas PATOS. I urge you to follow the instructions closely and with caution to avoid any damage to the shoes in the process. 

TL;DR Remove laces before washing. Wash on cold and delicate with 4 towels in the washer as well. Use a light amount of detergent. Air-dry only. 

What you'll need to machine wash your PATOS: 

  • Your shoes
  • A washing machine and detergent
  • 3-4 shower towels
  • Paper towel or an old wash cloth
  • Stain remover (optional, but recommended)

First, the preliminary steps...

Step 0: Clean the rubber outsoles

Remove any dirt from the outsoles if they are dirty or muddy. Try clapping them together and scraping any excess dirt out from the bottom. If there are any stains you want to remove from the outsoles, grab a wet towel or wet Lysol wipe and scrub thoroughly along the rubber.

Step 0.1: Remove any mud from shoes (if applicable)

If the top of your shoes are muddy or have any excess dirt on them, gently remove it with a wet washcloth.

Now, onto the machine washing...

Step 1: Remove the laces from both shoes, and set the shoes off to the side.

Don't forget to remove the laces!

Step 2: Put 3-4 shower towels inside your washing machine.

Step 3: Set the washing machine to COLD, DELICATE/LIGHT wash, and turn it on.

This step is very important. DO NOT wash on hot. Don't put the shoes in the washer quite yet.

Step 4: Put half the amount of detergent you would normally use into the washing machine.

Once the machine has some water into it, add detergent into it. You should use about half the amount of detergent you would use for a normal wash. If you have no idea how much you normally use, about half of the size of the detergent cup should be fine.

Step 4b (optional, but recommended): Apply stain remover to the shoes.

Before placing shoes in the washer, you can apply some stain remover to the location of the stains on your sneakers. This will help get rid of those tough stains along the toes.

Step 5: Put the shoes into the washing machine.

You should put your shoes into the washing machine when you see the soap foaming up a little. Leave the laces out of the wash.

Step 6: Remove the shoes from the washer immediately after time is done.

Step 7: Stuff the shoes.

Crumple up some paper towel or a thin wash cloth and lightly stuff it into your shoes to help them regain their shape while they dry.

Step 8: Air-dry shoes.

DO NOT use a machine dryer. Air dry ONLY. In the shade. 



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