PATOS Nominated for Inc. Magazine's Coolest Startup

by Fernando Rojo March 15, 2016

PATOS has been nominated by Inc. Magazine as America's Coolest College Startup. The contest is down to the top 16 startups – the Sweet 16. To get to the next round, we need your votes!

To vote, click the following link, scroll down to Matchups, slide right to Matchup 8, and click PATOS Shoes:

To get more information about PATOS and what we're up to, check out our Inc. Magazine profile.

THE RULES (via Inc. Magazine):

Inc.'s 2016 March Madness tournament will include four rounds of voting.

  • Round 1: Tuesday March 15 to Friday March 18, with 8 match-ups from which you’ll pick four favorites.

  • Round 2: Monday March 21 to Friday March 25, with 4 match-ups.

  • Round 3: Monday March 28 to Friday April 1, with 2 match-ups.

  • Championship Round: Monday April 4, with the final 2 startups.

Winner announced: Tuesday April 5.

Fernando Rojo is the Founder at PATOS. He's also a sophomore at the University of Pennsylvania. You can reach him at

Fernando Rojo
Fernando Rojo


Fernando is a junior at Penn and the Founder at PATOS Shoes. You can reach him by smoke signal.

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