(Video) PATOS is in Peru✈️😎

by Fernando Rojo August 16, 2016

I'm no video pro, but I wanted you to see how cool my first couple of days in Peru have been. Check out this quick video I shot on my iPhone.

So, why are we in Peru?

1. To hire more artisans🙏

Our shoes are made by hand, and the more we grow, the tougher this is to maintain. We came to Peru to try to bring together over 20 new artisans to work for PATOS.

If we can get enough skilled craftsmen and women to work together rather than on their own, we can keep hand-making our shoes while staying efficient.

Our shoes are made by hand, and the more we grow, the tougher this is to maintain.

PATOS Shoes Founder Fernando Rojo picking out patterns at a local artisan fair.

2. To find the coolest patters

We find the patterns on our shoes by traveling to villages across Latin America. When there's a pattern we like, we partner with the locals who make it to put them on our sneakers. There's no factory in China making our Peruvian textiles. 

Since I was already coming to Peru, it was a perfect time to search for new patterns. How's the search coming, you ask? Just you wait and see. 😉

There's no factory in China making our Peruvian textiles. 

3. To design new sneakers👟

We're testing out tons of different styles and and patterns. If you ask me, the sneakers we've designed so far are looking pretty dope. We're aaaalllmost ready to launch them.

4. To film a kickass video📹

We're working with a dope squad to make a video that does the PATOS Shoes mission and brand justice. We'll be releasing it on September 13th on Kickstarter.

What shit has gone totally poorly on the trip so far?

People don't usually include the negatives in videos of glamorous trips. Here's one of the funny things that didn't go our way this week.

We misprinted over 10,000 size tags.

Yes, you read that correctly. Our printing partners misspelled the word "designed" on the shoe tag that goes on the shoe's tongue.

The best part? Their response to our complaint was, "Who cares? It's just a tag."


We have switched printing partners.

How can you get your hands (& feet) on PATOS?

Never! We're not real! Haha!

Can you imagine?

 When we launch on Kickstarter

After nearly two years of work, it's time to launch PATOS Shoes on Kickstarter. If you help us reach our goal, you'll have sick new shoes and will help hire 20 new artisans in Peru's developing communities. Can't do it without you.

PATOS Shoes goes live on Kickstarter on September 13th.

What's been on my mind this week?

1. I think I believe it's not butter

It's pretty clear at this point, but, I don't know, something still holds me back.

2. What does a goblin really think of a goon?

Enough with the propaganda. The people demand the truth.

3. World domination

I've always wanted to dominate the world, and it feels like the right time.

4. Taking a pill in Ibiza

No, mom, I wouldn't jump off a bridge if my friends said it was cool. Only if Avicii did.

Swing and a miss, says PATOS Shoes Founder Fernando Rojo.

Here's a meme of duck singing Mac Miller lyrics.

PATOS Shoes is launching soon on Kickstarter.

Before we part ways...

PATOS is launching on Kickstarter on September 13th, and our first backers get crazy deals. Deals so good we'll never give them away again. Deals so good we have to make a TV show about also getting no deal.


I think I've gone too far. But please enter your email below to join our early VIP. We'll happily remind you when our campaign launches so you can get a wild deal. Deal?

Until next time,

Fernando AKA Litasaurous Rex AKA Jumanji Champion AKA Mr. Steal Yo Kitten

Fernando Rojo
Fernando Rojo


Fernando is a junior at Penn and the Founder at PATOS Shoes. You can reach him by smoke signal.

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